The Pursuit of Wellness E-Guide


The Pursuit of Wellness is a 30 day prescription of Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle techniques to move you in the right direction. The program in broken into 3 phases, each 10 days in duration.

“Over the years my days have been spent teaching group fitness classes, working privately with clients for personal training and nutrition coaching and conducting workshops. Setting goals and reaching those goals is just part of the equation. I have found that introducing small and incremental changes over a period of time create habits, which in turn become a lifestyle, leading to the likelihood of results being maintained. ”

This guide is NOT about deprivation, restriction, over-training or perpetuating the dieting cycle.

To receive a copy of the guide, please make payment of US$25.99 using Venmo to KatLSims and include your email address in the comments. A copy of the guide will be emailed to you.

To support accountability, the next round of group coaching will start in September. Spaces are limited!! Email NOW!!